An Essential A-to-z On Trouble-free Interview Body Language Secrets

While we tend to think that our judgments are based on the content of conversations and other obvious behaviors, the research says otherwise. In fact, the majority of our judgments are focused on smaller, subtler things, such as handshakes and body language. We often form complete opinions about people based solely on these behaviors. Shutterstock We are so good at judging other peoples personalities based on small things that, in a University of Kansas study, subjects accurately predicted peoples personality traits, such as extroversion/introversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness, simply by looking at pictures of the shoes they wore. Our unconscious behaviors have a language of their own, and their words arent always kind. These behaviors have likely become an integral part of who you are, and if you dont spend much time thinking about them, now is a good time to start, because they could be sabotaging your career. How you treat waiters and receptionists. How you treat support staff is so indicative of your makeup that it has become a common interview tactic. By gauging how you interact with support staff on your way in and out of the building, interviewers get a sense for how you treat people in general.Full Article

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