The Key To Reasonable Programs In Interview Body Language

Thats goat meat, thats cabbage, thats banana matoke and thats chapati, explains Kagira, taking us on a tour around a steaming communal platter before dropping off some homemade hot sauce and little cups of ginger juice. vocationPeople really appreciate this food, says Kagira, who adds that her food already brings people from diverse backgrounds together. She proudly estimates customers of at least five different races and ethnicities had visited in the past hour. The first Migrating Meal, scheduled for next week, will open with an introduction by Kagira and will include short readings as well as group discussions based on questions Payne develops. We want it to be structured, but we also want it to be fun, like a dinner conversation, says Payne. The questions are going to relate to peoples own experiences. Youd dont have to know anything. And it looks like theyre on to something. The first Migrating Meal, scheduled for next week, has sold out. They plan to organize meals monthly with possible topics to include Islamophobia, women and food, and a frank discussion of the term ethnic food. Theres also a Potluck for Peace , in partnership with other local organizations, to explore how we define our shared humanity. So what is it about a meal that makes it more possible to be honest and vulnerable, even with strangers? I think just the act of eating is so intimate, youre putting something into your body, explains Prasad.

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interview body language

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