The Emerging Opportunities In Systems In Interview

So I think they have done a tremendous job of getting ready in a very complicated world, and I feel very confident personally, but we live in a complicated place. QUESTION: I know youre an avid cyclist. I would imagine youre going to make your way over to that venue today. SECRETARY KERRY: Im going to be at the start of the cycling, and then Im going to try and pile in as much as I can. Im going to get to some of the beach volleyball, a little bit of tennis, a little bit of gymnastics, and wind up with a little swimming. QUESTION: And youre squeezing in a lot. Lets talk about the swim team here, Mark, because Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps, of course, as you know, as most Americans know at this point, are two of the best to ever get in the pool for Team U.S.A. What can we expect from that team going into the Games? MR SPITZ: Well, Katie, as you mentioned, is going to probably lead off the women in a real positive way. Shes predicted to win and projected to win the 200 free, the 400 free, and the 800 free. got a commanding lead of best times going into the Olympic Games.

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