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selection process

If the Mayor refuses to do his job and lead on this crucial issue the Council will do it for him. Leaving this appointment in limbo is not fair to Craig Meidl, the officers he would lead, or the citizens of Spokane, Council member Karen Stratton added. We all deserve clarity and stability in leadership of the Police Department, and the public forums will provide that. To put it bluntly council members feel Condon’s decision disregarded an eight-month process where city leaders and community members volunteered their time to help pick a new chief. I was as surprised as anyone on Monday morning when an announcement was made that we would be basically taking that process, setting it aside and picking someone with no community involvement,” Stuckart said. Stuckart added the timing of the abrupt announcement is worth noting. I really feel sometimes when you’ve got a lot of controversy or you’re trying to maybe shift the focus to something else, which has been successful because we’re no longer talking about the Seabold Report that came out last week,” he said. That report showed that Condon concealed sexual harassment claims against former Police Chief Frank Straub. Either way city council says they are moving forward. The city needs stability, and that’s what Meidl wants too. Over the last 9 or 10 months we’ve had basically, I will be the fourth person filling in that position, so I think the department is ready for some stability, he said. The public forums have been scheduled for August 11 from 6 to 8 pm at the West Central Community Center and on August 17 from 6 to 8 pm at the East Central Community Center.

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In some instances, the selection process may be used to create a preferred candidate list for potential or similar positions that may become available within the department. Refer to OCR Local Procedure 20: Recruitment for more information. It creates a pool of applicants. Government Conduct which clearly shows poor judgement and or lack of discretion which may reasonably affect an individual or the agency’s ability to carry out its responsibilities or mission Financial irresponsibility, including a history of not meeting financial obligations or an inability to satisfy debts Qualifying, active military duty candidates may request unrestricted additional time to schedule the Oral Assessment after passing the Qualifications’ Evaluation Panel review. Why does this position interest you? It is important to properly prepare for the interview as this is the opportunity to evaluate the skills and competencies and validate the information the applicant has provided in their application and resume. Neither longevity on the job, nor promotions and raises, are necessarily proof that an employee was much more than adequate. Once you have selected a top candidate for a classified position, you should notify the Employment Manager. Search Committee/Interview Panel The academic appointment process requires the use of a search committee. i was reading this

selection process

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